More of the Same: Trump Defaults to Hate for Attention

More of the Same: Trump Defaults to Hate for Attention

WASHINGTON, DC--On the precipice of launching his reelection bid, Trump once again defaults to fear-mongering and hate to rally his base. FIRM Action and its co-chairs who represent the largest immigrant rights network in the country issued the statement below.

Sulma Arias, spokeswoman for FIRM Action:

“Trump and his administration have worked tirelessly from day one to tear immigrant and refugee families apart, spewing hate and spreading fear in an attempt to distract voters from the real failure that is his presidency. We’ve seen this pattern repeatedly: Attack immigrants, separate families, spread lies and falsehoods,  rinse and repeat. In the face of this hate, our communities have demonstrated their resilience. Despite all of the attacks we’ve come together to fight alongside one another, win protections at the federal and state levels and elect representatives who share our values respect our humanity.

While we can expect more of the same from this administration, we remain focused on building our movement and creating a roadmap to freedom for all immigrants and refugees so that we can all thrive. We’ll continue talking to our communities, registering people to vote and taking back the White House in 2020.”

Angelica Salas, CHIRLA Action Fund Executive Director and Board President.

“Once again, President Trump is using immigrants as punching bags in his quest to appeal to hardliners as he seeks reelection to a position he does not deserve.

Our community will not coward and allow him to terrorize and raid our neighborhoods.  We will defend our loved ones, educate them about their constitutional and human rights, and fight tooth and nail in the courts and halls of Congress to ensure protection for our families.    

We call on local police and sheriff departments not to cooperate with this reign of terror unleashed on immigrant communities.  Elected officials, from small rural towns to big city mayors, governors, and senators must all speak out against this atrocious fear mongering and persecution of immigrant families.  Republicans in Congress can no longer continue to deny votes on immigration protections or kick the can down the road for others to decide. Inaction by Congress has consequences.”

Lawrence Benito, ICIRR Chief Executive Officer:

“Our communities have seen the Trump White House issue mass deportation threats before and the most recent announcement is no different. Peddling fear and threatening immigrant communities strictly for political gain has been and continues to be empty, reckless, and insulting.

Because we are informed, engaged, and resilient communities, we have helped build firewalls against these ongoing threats by the White House. In Illinois, we came together to fight for and win the Illinois TRUST Act in 2017, which limited local law enforcement cooperation with ICE arrests and deportations. We have won the VOICES Act to better protect immigrant crime survivors and the Anti-Registry Program Act to guard against initiatives that breed discrimination. And this year, we expect Gov. Pritzker to sign the Private Detention Facility Moratorium Act and the Keep Immigrant Families Together Act into law, both of which strengthen safeguards against inhumane family separation, detention and deportation.

We stand together in Illinois as we stand with all our partners and communities across the nation against fear and hate, which is why we will not be distracted or deterred. We will continue to provide critical services and we will continue to push for legislation at the federal, state, and local levels that lift up the communities we serve. More of us go to the polls every year to elect leaders from and for our communities. We can’t wait for 2020.”

Javier Valdes, Co-Executive Director of Make the Road Action:

“Enough with these hate-filled political ploys that only seek to get attention by intimidating us. Whatever this white supremacist says as he tries to launch his campaign, our community is here to stay, and we will continue to educate and organize to keep families together. And make no mistake: in 2019 and 2020, our voices will be heard loud and clear at the polls.”


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